Links to some handy UTUBE video demonstrations

Most of these links are to non UK sites and so the terminology may not be the same as used in the UK. However, the technique is universal and they provide a good basis to learning both kayak and canoeing skills which can be developed in the pool environment.

The Club does not wish to intentionally promote any of the products advertised in these links and as such provide these links so that members can broaden their knowledge in the sport of Canoeing.

Canoeing Safely

Introduction to Kayak types –

Kayak Skills

Kayak Capsize

Kayak rescue

Forward paddling &ndash

Joe's rough guide to kayaking sweep strokes

The Sculling Draw &ndash

Sculling in white water

Low & High Brace

Keeping shoulders safe

Kayak turning

Stern rudder

Low brace

High brace

Eddie turn

Hip Flick

Kayak Roll

Roll troubleshooting

Manoeuvring on a river


Canoe Skills

Canoe characteristics

General Paddling strokes and supporting material (watch No.1 - 26 clips first)

Forward Paddle

Reverse paddle

Canoe trim

Canoe sweep stroke