Once you have become a member you will be able to access a variety of opportunities to extend your enjoyment of canoe sport. The club not only has a pool session for it's weekly meetings, it has an active outdoor program with river and sea tours during the summer months and exciting white water tours for the winter season with weekends away to North Wales and Dartmoor.

We have a substantial club library of canoeing books, magazines and videos available to loan to all club members. There is also a very active social side to the club for paddlers and& non-paddles alike.

The club membership is made up in the following categories

Senior, Junior & Family

these are then subdivided as Canoe Wales and non Canoe Wales members. We collect and pay an affiliation fee to the CW for non CW members, to register each individual person for canoe sport communications & insurance. This money is then be fed back into the sport at club level for the Coach Education Scheme and course funding.

Canoe Wales
Non Canoe Wales

Membership Form Download

The membership fee is due on the 1st October each year and all membership fees must be paid up within 3 weeks of this date. A failure to take up membership within this period will result in the individual not being insured for canoeing activities under the Club affiliation scheme with Canoe Wales. As a consequence, regrettably, you will not be allowed to take part in any Club activity.

Can you also please note that due to the large numbers attending the pool sessions, we may have to limit membership to maintain safe and controlled pool sessions.